Om nom nom yarn

24 04 2010

Today I decided I would stop being a bum and head down to the local yarn store (even though it meant driving through squicky construction!) and pick up some yarn I had put on lay away back when I took my first knitting class.  I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to make it down there to get it because the next few weeks will be busy for me (starting a new job.. yay JOB!) and I couldn’t bear the thought of finishing my Calais Shawl and having nothing to knit with!  Clearly the stash of yarn at the foot of my bed doesn’t count.  >.>

The yarn, is a tasty looking bit of lace weight yarn that I refused to buy until I practiced more so I wasn’t tempted to play with it and ruin it.  The yarn is Crystal Palace Kid Merino (28% kid mohair 28% merino wool 44%micro nylon).  The colorway is 9808 Fall Herbs, and the pictures I took don’t do it justice.  It’s going to look AMAZING when knitted up, I can just tell.    (The pictures came out more pink, than red… but the pinkish color is a bit deeper).  After working in fingering weight sock yarn, and now working in my fingering weight frog tree alpaca, I am ready to tackle the lace weight.  The problem, is of course what project to tackle.  That’s right kids.  I did the cardinal thing a knitter should never do (I bought a yarn because it was lovely, not because I had a project in mind).

Oh sure, LOADS of knitters do this (how else does one develop a stash of yarn if they don’t snatch up the pretties like greedy buggers everytime they find something they like) but there is always the problem of… ‘oh I could make this… oh wait I probably don’t have enough yarn’ or ‘oh I could make this… but wait, then I’ll have one odd ball/skein that I KNOW I can’t knit into something else so it will sit there all lonely and unknitted but gosh it’s lovely so maybe I shouldn’t knit this project after all.’



So… this is sort of my dilemma.  I originally reserved 3 skeins.  That’s 720 yards.  I bought all 3.  This means I’d like a project that would use all of them.  The scarf I had in mind originally was this wonderful pattern which calls for 1 skein of Rowan Kidsilk Haze.  (So I could make 3 of the same scarf with my skeins lol!)

RANDOM THOUGHT INSERTED HERE: Based on what I’ve read when looking for patterns, the Kid Merino I bought is the ‘go to’ replacement yarn for people who can’t afford the Rowan… I didn’t price any Rowan because price wasn’t ever an issue.  I wasn’t looking for the cheap alternative, I simply found a color I had to have so there was no need to shop around for something else.

I will admit, that I did google the Rowan Kidsilk Haze AFTER the fact and was disappointed to see that none of the Kidsilk Haze was varigated.  I love me some varigated yarns!  So boo to that.  Also, after I became aware of the fact that I had selected a cheaper/alternative yarn I did price the Rowan…What?  I couldn’t resist seeing if it was truly a bargain or not.  I paid $6.20 per skein for my Kid Merino, and the Rowan is listed at $15 a skein. (Gotta love that the local yarn store does online sales in addition to the shop sales so all the yarns are available for me to peruse… and to price check eh?)

So yeah, I can see why this is listed as a good alternative for those who don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for one ball of yarn, even if the silk in the Kidsilk Haze makes it ridiculously soft and smooshy. I’ll sacrifice a bit of softness for a good price, espeically since this is soft to the touch already!  Not to mention I’ve worked with Rowan before (Twisted Ribbon, bought on sale because it was being discontinued, knit into a scarf for my mom SEE THE FINISHED SCARF BELOW) and hated it.  These are two completley different types of yarns, but the twisted ribbon did NOT win me over on Rowan yarn… I don’t appreciate the yarn being TIED together in the middle of the skein in a big ugly knot.  It wasn’t just one skein… 5 of the 6 had this done to them.   Also, the nylon fiber that held the ribbon to the wooly yarn felt like fishing line on the fingers and my fingertips hurt after a while from it.  The finished project is nice *points at pictures* but never again would I use this yarn… good thing it’s discontinued I suppose.  

BACK TO YOUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED BLOG: The second pattern I had in mind was of course the WISP from Knitty.  This would use a bit more of the yarn, and produce something lovely… but well… the directions confuse me a bit.  I need something very straight forward, and I think I would spend more time, trying to figure out where to put in the eyelets that I’d forget what other rows I was working on… and yeah…  I just don’t know if I want something that I have a hard time figuring out instructions for to be my first lace weight project or not.  This tends to be a problem for me when I look at Knitty.  They sort of gloss over details or don’t write stuff in a clear and concise manner… or they do something that I don’t know how to do yet even on a beginner pattern.  It might be worth it to try and figure out though, as the WISP is lovely… so delicate looking, and I’d like a square wrap to use in the summer when it’s chilly at night.  *ponders*

Another option was the Just Enough Ruffles Scarf by cosmicplutoknits (the pattern writer for the Milkweed Shawl!).  Again, I’m not sure about this one.  I love her patterns, and will probably end up buying it, and while I saw several Ravelry versions using this yarn, I think I’d like it better in worsted weight like pictured on cosmicplutoknits blog though.

So… I’m at a crossroads… which pattern, what to do with the yarn… D:  I’m wondering… if I take a closer look at the first pattern I posted, if I might be able to lengthen it and make it into a larger shawl instead of just a scarf by casting on more than the required 33 stitches.

SO… I think my yarn will stay in it’s bag and I’ll ponder it some more and keep looking around for other patterns before I come to a decision.  Even though it’s so pretty and I want to play with it now.  *resists the urge*




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